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China Waiting Children    --    China Adoption Agency

Children’s Hope International Adoption Agency is eager to help you to bring your child home from China, Colombia, or Ethiopia. We began our work in 1992, when China first opened to International Adoption. 
Fourteen children were placed with families in that first year. Since then, Children's Hope International has united over 8,000 children with their adoptive families.


- With a Staff completely dedicated to your China adoption -
China Adoption - No international adoption agency is trusted more for China Adoption. Children's Hope International adoption agency has done international adoption from China for more than 15 years. China adoption officially began in 1992 but as China's Children adoption agency we were active with Chinese child adoption for foreign families living in China in the 1980's. We hope you will contact us about how we can help you find the joy of a child in your life. Our international adoption China program has helped thousands of families like you. Click here for
China adoption and China waiting children .




We are passionate about our mission statement:

Children's Hope International Adoption Agency is a not-for-profit Christian adoption agency which is both COA and Hague accredited.  In addition we provide food, shelter, medical care, education and family preservation services in China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Russia and Vietnam.   

        Children's Hope International is a trusted  international adoption agency working with families in all states


For detail information about China waiting children and China adoption

Call 1-888-899-2349






 Call 1-888-899-2349 to talk about China adoption and China waiting children 

So many hopeful China waiting children....
Some of China Waiting Children are babies, some are toddlers.  Many are school-aged children who have been waiting for moms and dads.  Some have minor health issues, some have more serious concerns. Many are post-operative kids who have had the surgeries they needed but missed an opportunity to find an adoptive family. Every one of these kids is special. Each one is waiting for a family to love.



Single moms and married couples can adopt these special kids in a relatively short time. Once you have applied to the program and have completed your home-study, we will work with you to find the child who is right for your family.


Please explore all of the links on the left side menu to learn how you can be united with your China Waiting Children.


Just to make you smile....    

Click on the play video button and take a look at a video presentation of some of the many Waiting Children who have come home as Forever Sons and Daughters.


Mary House    
773 647 2610    
to learn more about    
a waiting child    
from China


None of the children that you see here are available for adoption. We have received permission from each child’s parent or guardian to use their child’s photo on our web site.hau see hr website.




20 Years, A really BIG celebration!

July 6 & 7, 2012, Children's Hope International  celebrated twenty years of bringing children home from around the world. 

WOW! That's over 8,000 kids!  

All kinds of fun activities took place for kids and parents. We especially enjoyed having our grown-up kids return to us with their adoptive families and - for some of them - with their own spouses and kids!


Online Information Meetings for China Adoption and China waiting children

Join us for a free online international adoption webinar and connect with a knowledgeable and caring adoption consultant. Each webinar is about one hour.  Ask questions and get answers. 


Want to talk with a real person?
Call 1-888-899-2349 to ask questions about China adoption and China waiting children.









Helping You Through the Home Study Process

Children’s Hope International is licensed in the state of Missouri to conduct both international and domestic home studies for families that reside in the state of Missouri. We also provide Chinese adoption homestudy services for American Citizens living in China. We do not work with birth parents

Click here for details of China adoption & waiting children.


- Children's Hope International China Waiting Children Adoption Program -

 Call toll free - 888-899-2349


Special needs children of all ages are waiting in China for married couples and single moms to adopt them and bring them home as forever sons and daughters.

Once your paperwork is approved and you have identified your child, you will travel to China within six months to bring your son or daughter home for good.

  Don't wait any longer!  


China adoption and China waiting children 



Children's Hope International Adoption Agency is a non-denominational Christian adoption agency working with respected and qualified families in all states. Hague-Accredited and COA approved in all countries where we work, we are committed to the highest integrity and ethics. As a faith-based organization with a mission of giving homes, health and hope through international adoption, education, medical assistance and family preservation to vulnerable children at risk. In our work we share tangible faith, hope and love in throughout  the world.   
:: A trusted international adoption agency to serve you :: 
Children's Hope International Adoption Agency - Serving families in all states in International Adoption 

The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting body approved by the United States Department of State to conduct Hague accreditation and approval reviews, invites the public to provide comment on inter-country adoption service providers seeking Hague accreditation or approval or renewal of Hague accreditation or approval. You may provide comment by clicking on:

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A trusted  international adoption agency working with families in all states



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Children's Hope International is a world wide leader in international adoption with Over 8,000 children placed from around the world.

Of the hundreds of placements CHI makes each year, about one third are in China and the rest are divided in Russia, Colombia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan. This wide variety of adoption programs helps ensure adoptive families will be able to adopt successfully.


China Adoption
- With a Staff completely dedicated to your China adoption -
China Adoption - No adoption agency is trusted more for China Adoption. Children's Hope International has done China adoption for more than 15 years. China adoption officially began in 1992 but as China's Children agency we were active with Chinese child adoption for foreign families living in China in the 1980's. We hope you will contact us about how we can help you find the joy of a child in your life. Our China adoption program has helped thousands of families like you.

Ethiopia Adoption
Children's Hope International is now licensed to provide placement for orphans from Ethiopia. Applications are being received. Children waiting for placement are male and female, infant to 15 years old, healthy as well as special needs. Single birth and sibling groups are available. Many children have resided in a local orphanage, community care or in the hospital of birth prior to being matched with a family. The children are tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and Venereal Disease prior to being placed.

Colombia Adoption
Colombia Adoptions are facilitated by Children's Hope International through the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) - the government social welfare agency, including foster homes & orphanages. In 2006, Children's Hope International found loving homes for 55 children from Colombia. Infants and older children are available but over half of Children's Hope International Colombia families adopted sibling groups.


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